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When the market is extensive, VoIP services is the only smart option

How to simply communications in Europe with VoIP Service

Did you know, VoIP solutions can actually increase business/employee productivity by supporting multi-tasking? How? Simple, VoIP services can integrate software programs, that make it possible for users to check emails/fax while speaking over the telephone, or even carry their adapters with them. This mean that of you choose VoIP technology over mundane traditional phones, you make the smart choice to simplify communications. And this is all the more called for when your market is extensive – especially one as extensive and vast like that of Call Europe!

The Europe Unlimited VoIP Calling Plan is one of our unique plans that help businesses to bridge gaps in communication across India-Europe. At IP Momentum, we understand the business opportunities present in Europe and see little reason why you should miss it – especially when with our VoIP service plans you can easily and economically ebb challenges in communication.

As leading IP Phone service providers in India, we give to our clients the right technology and infrastructure to gain from VoIP. So get in touch with us now and stay connected with prospects across Germany, Italy, France, Spain and other countries with our Unlimited India-Europe VoIP Plans.

Why Buy Unlimited Europe-India calling plan?

Whether it is technology, manufacturing, healthcare, textile and fashion, education or any other – the markets in Europe provide adequate opportunities. And this means that without timely communication, your business will probably miss out to competition. With VoIP services this is a challenge we can help to resolve.

With our Call Center VoIP and Business VoIP service, at IP Momentum we cater to diverse customer needs. We provide multiple-functionality with our VoIP plans including call forwarding, call waiting, fax, call conferencing etc. making it unlikely for communication to fail. We also have 98-99% uptime making sure that our services are never a disappointment.

So, if you haven’t already then it’s time for you to adopt VoIP services! Act now.

Unique VoIP Phone Call Features

  • Free Voice Mail
  • Free Incoming Calls
  • Free Interoffice Dialling
  • Charged Hunt Group Facility
  • Charged Automatic Call Distribution

Additional Features

  • Speed Dial Fax
  • Music on Hold
  • Call Hunting
  • 3 Way Calling
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • 98% Network Availability

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