Terms and Conditions

Billing Information:

  1. “Billing Name and Address will be as per Purchase Order. In case any changes required in the bill it has to be intimated to IP Momentum Accounts Department before 15th of that month.”
  2. Billing cycle: 1st Invoice with reference to the Purchase Order will be raised from the date of activation. Later billing cycle will be from 1st to end of every billing cycle.

Payment terms:

  1. Charges to be paid in advance every billing cycle.
  2. If payment not received within due date line will be temporarily disconnected without prior notice. The services can be restored within 48 hours from the due date by paying outstanding amount along with delay charges.
  3. “The service will be permanently disconnected after 10th of the month and will be restored with reactivation charge.”
  4. Postdated Cheque or part payment will not be accepted and will be considered as non-payment.

Using the Service:

  1. Our service must not be:
    • Used to make offensive, indecent, menacing, nuisance or hoax calls.
    • Used fraudulently or in connection with a criminal offense


  1. One month notice period should be provided to IP Momentum for terminating the services.
  2. Termination notice should be sent through E-mail/Fax/Post and the confirmation receipt to be obtained from IP Momentum (Failing which the termination notice will be treated as void).

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