CooVox- U60 – Advance Cmmunication Solutions? Here you go!

CooVox U60 is an Asterisk V. 13 Hybrid IP PBX product with advanced communication features which allow unified and multiple communication technologies implementation at once. Default with 8 CO lines and reserves 16 FXO/FXS sockets to be added modules on user’s demand. It supports 200 users, 60 concurrent calls.

The amazing part about this model is that it can automatically detect IP address as well as MAC address. Also, the model saves a huge chuck on time and other resources. There’s no need of involving a 3rd party when it comes to the plug- in process. Enjoy phonebook access & update, click to-dial, window pop-up, voicemail, recordings. Also, the model comprises of more telephony features which are supported via web based soft dialer. Above all, this is a handsfree model – making the lives of your employees very convenient!

CooVox- U60 – Features available like never before

U60 is a very versatile model with the best Intel- dual core with compatibility for almost all kinds of working environments, and more. The compatibility is with almost all – SIP terminal devices: Softphones,Gateway, IP Phones. Compatible with Polycom, CISCO, Huawei, Htek, Yealink, Grandstream, Escene, Fanvil, Snom, Dinstar etc.

Check out some of its top features:

  • Call features which include call queue, 3- way conference calling, call paging, intercom call park, attended transfer blind transfer, dial by name, caller ID details and more
  • PBX features includeblack list, follow me, phone provisioning, record file downloading, speed dial, time based rule, virtual faxing and much more
  • System capacities include 60(Max) Concurrent Calls, Up to 200 IP Phone Registers/Extensions, Recording: 150 mins (gsm) and more

Why choose IP Momentum as your VoIP service provider?

IP Momentum is a reliable, very cost- efficient VoIP service provider brand. And, no IP phone is useful without the best VoIP services. This brand is all about deliver in the best VoIP solutions at best prices, for start- ups, small and medium businesses.

Here’s why, irrespective of the business size, you’ve got to try out IP Momentum:

  • Variety of VoIP service plans to choose from
  • Customized plans for your company to design with the help of our experts
  • Free demo provided to you by us!
  • Smart features like video conferencing, click to call, etc.
  • Durable IP phones like Zycoo, Grand stream etc. – wide range of IP phones available, just a click away!
  • 24*7 customer services
  • 98% network availability guaranteed and so on

IP Momentum has been in the communication industry for over a decade now. We kept going because of multiple reasons – Learn more:

  • Dedicated employees, exceptional development of IP phones etc.
  • Exceptional strategic management, leading to effective unlimited calling plans
  • Variety and quality in VoIP solutions
  • Varied range of VoIP service plans- flexible, customizable
  • Toll- free number plans for all
  • VoIP for all
  • 24*7 customer services, and so much more!

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