UK Toll Free Numbers

The smart distinction between what Call charges you and your customers pay

How to benefit from U.K Toll-Free Numbers with our VoIP Services

Isn’t it a moment of joy when you don’t have to pay for a call you have made? That’s the feeling you can pass on to your customers when you subscribe for our UK toll free numbers service.

The United Kingdom is known as a center for doing business in Europe; and with professionals and prospective customers spread across its geography, it’s a market that you cannot ignore. So make it easy for your prospects to call you without haste! Get calls from UK nationals now with ease by adding our Britain Toll-Free number plan to your business!

We will provide benefits for incoming Toll-free number 1-800#

Why Buy UK-India Toll-Free number calling plan?

When you choose our India-UK Toll Free telephone number calling plans, you take a step towards being closer to your audience. The market in the UK is extensive with business opportunities ripe for education, technology, healthcare, finance and other sectors. So why miss out on it?

All you need is to contact us at IP Momentum and we can support with the right IP phones and VoIP plans for your business.

Unique Toll Free Phone Call Features

  • Free Voice Mail
  • Free Interoffice Dialling
  • Charged Hunt Group Facility
  • Charged Automatic Call Distribution
  • Charged Incoming Calls

Additional Features with VoIP Phones

  • Speed Dial Fax
  • Music on Hold
  • Call Hunting
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • 98% Network Availability

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