UC2000-VG Inclusive of 128 SIM Slots GSM – The Best VoIP Gateway

IP Momentum offers one of the best – UC2000-VG VoIP Gateway with 128 SIM slots! This VoIP gateway designed to perfection – comfort, ease-of-use to satisfied necessary of customers at once!

Say goodbye to extensive human resources and hello to the VoIP gateway’s IP communication systems which are exceptionally reliable, clear and easy to use too! Best part – it’s compatible with leading Soft-switch and SIP server.

More about UC2000-VG 128 SIM Slots GSM – We’re here to Provide the Best VoIP Gateway

UC2000-VG 128 SIM slots VoIP Gateway is one of the best VoIP gateways available and is a highly recognized product due to the following reasons:

  • 32 GSM Channels with 128 SIM Slots, Easy to Conduct SIM Rotation Locally
  • Auto Call/SMS Generation
  • HTTP API for Bulk SMS

Pick IP Momentum as Your VoIP Service Provider – Here’s Why!

As you know, IP phones are mostly useless without the right VoIP service provider. That’s where the best VoIP service in India comes in – IP Momentum. This brand is all about deliver in the best VoIP solutions at best prices, for start- ups, small and medium businesses.
Here’s why, irrespective of the business size, you’ve got to try out IP Momentum:

  • 98% network availability guaranteed, 24*7 customer services
  • 100% transparency in bills
  • Smart features catering to all kinds of business needs
  • Customizable VoIP service plans
  • Toll- free number plans and more

IP Momentum keeps in mind your needs- enjoy our customized VoIP plans which keep in mind your unique and essential business needs, rates and so on.

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